Sunday, 15 May 2011

Casco dell'Acqua, Umbria

Casco dell'Acqua, Umbria

The tiny, tiny cluster of houses that is Casco dell'Acqua is hard to find but well worth the effort this weekend!  Each year they have a flower festival where the river Clitunno, which flows through the village, is decorated with amazing floral displays.  This year the theme was 150 years of Italian unification and pictured above are just some of the stunning designs.  We didn't know about this festival until today, when we visited Trevi and saw a poster about it.  Glad we went - it's just one of those little celebrations of life that go on in every Italian village, that mean so much to the local inhabitants and touch those of us from the outside lucky enough to take part.

Campello sul Clituunno, Umbria

Campello sul Clitunno, Umbria
The beautiful, tranquil waters at Campello sul Clitunno, famous for having inspired Lord Byron...

The spring rises here and feeds the river Clitunno.

Mother and babies paddling along...

All along the backwaters, through the rushes tall...

And there would have to be a beautiful swan!

About 4 miles from Trevi, it makes sense to visit both places in one day.  We had a picnic under the trees by the water's edge on table and benches provided.  Very relaxing and peaceful even if it has become a bit touristy.  You can imagine why Byron was inspired to write some of his poetry here.

Stay at Villa Bastiola and visit Trevi and Campello in just under an hour's drive.

Trevi , Umbria

Trevi, Umbria

The beautiful hilltop town of Trevi with Montefalco in the distance.

Trevi just seems to tumble delightfully down the hillside.

The slopes around Trevi are covered with olive trees and at this time of year poppies abound in the hedgerows and under the olive trees.

And today we even caught a horseriding group coming into the town centre.

Trevi is in the heart of the olive growing area for Umbria and the slopes are simply covered with olive trees. It's a gorgeous site and although only a tiny town, Trevi always has something special going on and a very proactive art museum in the historic centre.

Just under an hours drive from the apartment at Villa Bastiola there is plenty to see and do in the area around Trevi.

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