Friday, 3 June 2011

Tripadvisor - Villa Bastiola listing

TripAdvisor - Villa Bastiola - luxury self catering apartment

For ages, I couldn't manage to get our apartment listed on TripAdvisor (apart from a tiny photo and two word listing with no link to our website!) as we didn't fit into their specific criteria for hotels and B&B (need to have more than one accommodation for rent for a free listing).  

Sure, you could pay for the listing but that kind or defeats the whole point of TripA which is supposed to be a neutral guest driven website with honest comments about accommodation.

Anyway, TripA have now linked up with FlipKey and although you have to pay (a very tiny amount) it means an automatic listing on TripA.  So here we are!  I'm really chuffed - lots of our past guests have already logged on and left really charming reviews about their holidays here.

Most of our guests leave feeling that they have become part of our family, or at least become good friends and that they have had an authentic and genuine Italian experience.  They still want to know what's happening in our lives and keep in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

I'm not a great fan of these social networks but for keeping in contact with our new friends, lots of whom are on the other side of the world (Australia and NZ), it's a wonderful thing.

We'd love you to come and experience Umbria - don't take my word for it, click on this link:

and read what our guests say about their holidays here.