Friday, 16 September 2011

Anne's Italy - Guided tours in Umbria

Anne Robichaud has lived in Umbria for over 30 years and is the only OFFICIAL English speaking tour guide for the region.

Believe me, that means something! I once thought about sitting the exams to become a tour guide but the whole thing was a minefield! Italian bureaucracy at its worst! It was almost impossible to find out when the exams were going to be held and then you could study the whole of Umbrian history only to find that the examining board could just decide to ask you a question like, "Tell me about the paintings inside the Church of San Francesco at Montone", meaning you had to have visited every nook and crany of this region, every tiny little church and oratorio and remember every last detail.   It wasn't for me! So I really admire Anne having persisted and gained this recognition.

Taking a tour with Anne will really help you see the true Umbria.  Not just the one in the guidebooks, or the pretty postcard images of medieval hilltop towns, but will include the whys and wherefores, meeting the locals, sharing their customs and traditions and enjoying the local cuisine as you go.

One of her blogs is on how to choose the best ice cream while you are out sightseeing! What more could you want?! Learning all the history of Umbria whilst savouring your favourite flavour of a delicious creamy gelato.

Her website is where you can find all information about her tours, the dates and prices.  She is also very happy to custom make a tour for you.

While you are staying at the lovely apartment at Villa Bastiola, why not get in touch and book a perfect day trip out?

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Cookery Courses in Umbria with Dana and Melchiorre

This summer we were lucky enough to bump into amazing Sardinian chef Melchiorre and his American partner, pastry chef, Dana.

They create an amazing team and offer catering, cookery courses for all ages (including groups for kids) and cheese making classes.

While you are staying at the lovely apartment at Villa Bastiola, why not consider taking an afternoon learning to make some of the delicious dishes that Italy is famous for in the stunning kitchen at the apartment? 

If you are really want to take it easy and not self cater all the time, Dana and Melchiorre will even come to the apartment and cook for you.

Dana is a fully trained masseuse so to make your holiday totally relaxing, you could book her for a massage as well!

Full details about this incredible couple can be found at:

Details of the apartment at Villa Bastiola can be found at .