Thursday 23 February 2012

Infiorata, Spello, Umbria - 9/10 June 2012

The Infiorata in Spello takes place each year to celebrate Corpus Domini, the religious ceremony (in the catholic calendar) that sees the consecrated host being processed through the streets of this stunningly ancient town, complete with Etruscan arches and Roman remains.

Dating back over a hundred years, the laying of flower petals on the streets in front of the procession was started by an elderly Spellana, who scattered broom, the beautiful, fragrant, bright yellow spring flower, in front of her house as the procession passed by.

Since then, the annual celebration has taken on new dimensions and now the streets are covered with beautiful designs and pictures made entirely from flower petals and seed pods.

The whole town is involved and there are prizes awarded for the best designs in various categories including Under 14's, Tapetti (rugs) and Quadri (pictures covering piazzas or large streets).  Even the children join with work starting on the Saturday lasting all night and finishing with final touches early on the Sunday morning before the procession starts.

It's an incredible sight and recommended to anyone visiting Umbria at this time.  The apartment at Villa Bastiola is within an easy drive of Spello making it a great day out for everyone.

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